Will Bosi Sends Burden of Dreams (9A/V17 Repeat)

It happened. Burden of Dreams (9A/V17) finally sees a repeat by Scottish climber Will Bosi. View this post on Instagram A post shared by William Bosi (@will_bosi) After Spending 10 days on the replica in the Lattice Training Center, and 3 weeks projecting in Lappnor Finland, Will Bosi sent Burden of Dreams on April 12, … Read more

How to Deal with Frustration in Climbing

Very few sports have that constant ability to push oneself as climbing does. There is always a harder route to send, a more difficult boulder problem to crush. Whenever we climb, we are pushing ourselves. We strive to reach the utmost limits of our physical and technical capabilities, continuously exploring ways to enhance and refine … Read more

Can you get Abs from Climbing?

can you get abs from climbing?

Rock Climbing is a full-body workout that targets just about every muscle. So naturally, you will gain abs from climbing if you practice the sport long enough. But that’s probably not what you came to this article for. Of course, you knew that climbing targets the core muscles, and practicing rock climbing would eventually lead … Read more

Is it okay to go shirtless at the climbing gym?

If you’ve been to a climbing gym in the summer, you’ve likely seen quite a few guys climbing shirtless. Are you wondering why they are doing this? Or whether or not it is okay to climb shirtless? Maybe you want to go shirtless yourself but you need some reassurance? In this article, we’ll answer your … Read more