Improve Bouldering Technique: Drills for Indoor Climbing

Developing good footwork, body positioning, and efficient movement are essential to becoming a more well-rounded climber. Knowing technique is not enough, technique must be trained. Through regular training drills, technical moves can become muscle memory enabling climbers to gradually progress not only on the subjective grading scale but also as efficient climbers. By incorporating these … Read more

How to Flag – Climbing Technique 101

The Flag is a crucial technique in climbing that can greatly improve a climber’s balance, efficiency, and overall performance. It involves extending one leg out to the side to maintain balance and control while climbing. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced climber, mastering the Flag can help you tackle more challenging routes and reach … Read more

How to Step Through – Climbing Technique 101

The Step Through is a basic, yet crucial footwork technique that every climber should practice in order to make smooth transitions between footholds. Despite its simplicity, the Step Through can be a vital component when combined with other climbing techniques. By mastering this move, climbers can elevate their climbing performance and make fluid, controlled movements … Read more

How to Foot Swap – Climbing Technique 101

The foot swap is a crucial technique for climbers looking to progress in their climbing ability. Whether you are just starting out or are an experienced climber, having a strong understanding of this technique will greatly benefit you on the wall. In this article, we will delve into the fundamentals of foot swapping, including what … Read more

How to Smear – Climbing Technique 101

Smearing is a common climbing technique utilized in both indoor and outdoor rock climbing. Although the move may seem straightforward, it’s not easy to master this fundamental climbing technique. Once mastered, it can significantly enhance a climber’s progression, especially on slab-like surfaces and competition problems. ‘Almost anything can be a foothold, if you believe it … Read more