Best Intermediate Bouldering Shoes for indoors 2023

Looking for a new intermediate climbing shoe, specifically for indoor bouldering? This 2023 Buyers Guide will help you find the best intermediate boulder shoes tailored for modern bouldering gyms. Why purchase an intermediate boulder shoe? Intermediate boulder shoes sit right between beginner and performance shoes. I would describe them as ‘comfortable performance shoes’. They might … Read more

Improve Bouldering Technique: Drills for Indoor Climbing

Developing good footwork, body positioning, and efficient movement are essential to becoming a more well-rounded climber. Knowing technique is not enough, technique must be trained. Through regular training drills, technical moves can become muscle memory enabling climbers to gradually progress not only on the subjective grading scale but also as efficient climbers. By incorporating these … Read more

How to Warm Up for Indoor Bouldering

Warmups are essential to your success as a boulderer. Or so you’ve been told at least. Podcasts, youtube videos, and blogs, all mention the importance of a good warmup. Which let you here. But what is a good warmup? And why the heck should you do it? You may have been told that it reduces … Read more

Is it Okay to Only Climb Indoors?

Indoor climbing has seen a massive boom in the last couple of years. Commercial climbing facilities are popping up everywhere and climbing gyms are getting more crowded than ever. The age of old-school climbing gyms designed for off-season training is truly over. Climbing gyms are getting more commercial, and cater more and more to the … Read more

Old School vs Modern Bouldering – How do they Compare?

Modern bouldering halls are packed with climbers these days. Climbing really has seen a massive boom in popularity in the last couple of years. And I believe modern bouldering gyms, have a lot to do with that boom. Classic climbing gyms were often dark, confusing, and intimidating, a stark contrast with the immense bouldering halls … Read more