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Welcome to Climbingfacts, a place that covers everything regarding Rock Climbing, Indoor Climbing, and Bouldering!

This blog serves primarily as a fountain of knowledge for beginner and intermediate climbers. On Climbingfacts you can expect to have your questions answered, learn more about climbing techniques, find training drills, training articles, gear advice, and much much more.

Furthermore, we are committed to helping the absolute beginner get comfortable in this wonderful sport. Our Bouldering section below should answer any questions you may have such as bouldering basics, rules, etiquette, cost, what to wear, and so forth.

On this page, you’ll find a bunch of helpful links to help you find what you’re looking for. You can also use the search bar in case you are looking for something specific.

Recent Posts

Will Bosi Sends Burden of Dreams (9A/V17 Repeat)

It happened. Burden of Dreams (9A/V17) finally sees a repeat by Scottish climber Will Bosi. View this post on Instagram A post shared by William Bosi (@will_bosi) After Spending 10 days on the replica in the Lattice Training Center, and 3 weeks projecting in Lappnor Finland, Will Bosi sent Burden of Dreams on April 12, … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Bouldering Shoe Sizing and Fit

Are you in the market for new bouldering shoes? Whether you’re a beginner looking to size your first pair or an experienced climber seeking a comprehensive sizing guide, finding the right fit can be a challenging process. Sizing climbing shoes is a rite of passage that often involves making mistakes and learning from them. That’s … Read more

How to Care for Flappers in Climbing (& How to Prevent Them)

Flappers are a part of climbing. They are painful, but once you know how to treat them, they really aren’t that bad. Furthermore, they are pretty easily avoided if you know how they occur in the first place. This Skin Care Guide will teach you everything you need to know about climbing flappers, how to … Read more

Best Performance Bouldering Shoes For Indoor & Comps 2023

Looking for a performance climbing shoe, specifically for modern indoor bouldering? Something that will smear well on large volumes and holds but also help you tackle steep terrain? A shoe that could help you win your next competition? This 2023 Buyers Guide will help you find the best performance shoes tailored to modern boulder problems. … Read more

Best Intermediate Bouldering Shoes for indoors 2023

Looking for a new intermediate climbing shoe, specifically for indoor bouldering? This 2023 Buyers Guide will help you find the best intermediate boulder shoes tailored for modern bouldering gyms. Why purchase an intermediate boulder shoe? Intermediate boulder shoes sit right between beginner and performance shoes. I would describe them as ‘comfortable performance shoes’. They might … Read more

Best Beginner Bouldering Shoes for Indoor Climbing 2023

Have you recently started bouldering indoors and it got you looking for your first pair of climbing shoes? This 2023 Buyers Guide will help you find the best beginner bouldering shoes specifically for indoor bouldering gyms! 7 Best indoor bouldering shoes for beginners 1. La Sportiva Tarantula Boulder Our top pick for 2023 Features & … Read more

Lessons Learned from a Pulley Injury

My January started off pretty good, on my 3rd session of the year, I sustained a pulley injury (a strain of the A2 pulley in my right ring finger) after attempting to match a gnarly crimp undercling on overhung terrain. My foot didn’t slip like most pulley injuries, but somewhere between me switching my right … Read more

Who is Shawn Raboutou? The Worlds best Boulderer

Who is Shawn Raboutou? Shawn Raboutou is the son of Robyn Erbesfield-Raboutou and Didier Raboutou. Both are legendary climbers with multiple world cup championships under their belt. He is also the older brother of Olympian Brooke Raboutou. Having been born into a climbing family, Shawn started climbing at just 3 years old. At just 11 … Read more
choosing a bouldering gym. guide with tips to help you pick the best bouldering facility

How to Choose The Right Bouldering Gym For Your Needs

Are you looking for a bouldering gym where you can start practicing the sport of bouldering? Or maybe you have recently moved, and are looking for a new bouldering facility? Unsure where to get started? We’ve got you! This article will help you pick the best bouldering gym that meets your goals and preferences. 📚 … Read more

Improve Bouldering Technique: Drills for Indoor Climbing

Developing good footwork, body positioning, and efficient movement are essential to becoming a more well-rounded climber. Knowing technique is not enough, technique must be trained. Through regular training drills, technical moves can become muscle memory enabling climbers to gradually progress not only on the subjective grading scale but also as efficient climbers. By incorporating these … Read more
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