about dean from climbingfacts

Hi! My name is Dean and I’m a blogger, climber, and online entrepreneur.

I re-discovered climbing while backpacking in New Zealand in 2017, and ever since then, I’ve had a major obsession with the sport.

While I’m but an average climber, I do have extensive knowledge from being so invested in the sport for the last 6+ years. I’ve delved through all the old-school climbing blogs (Dr. Eva Lopez, Dave Macleod, etc) read countless climbing-related books (my top recommendation is 9 out of 10 climbers by Dave Macleod) and I’ve seen just about every documentary about climbing.

Furthermore, I’m always watching climbing-related content on YouTube, feasting on the newest sends by Adam Ondra, Stefano Ghisolfi, and Shawn Raboutou as well as always binging IFSC competitions.

My main fascinations lie with mastering techniques and preventing injuries, so that’s where most of my research is geared towards.

I also have an unhealthy obsession with climbing shoes. They are every climber’s primary weapon and it’s always interesting to see which climber picks which shoe. I’ve done extensive research on the topic and you’d have a hard time finding a climbing shoe I cannot identify from a mile away!

With this blog, I hope to not only share my love for climbing but also inform beginner and intermediate climbers with some of the knowledge I have accumulated over the years.

For the main part, this blog will cover everything around Indoor Bouldering because that’s where I believe most climbers start out these days. Bouldering halls are popping up everywhere and it’s exciting to see how many new people they are bringing into the sport!

But aside from prioritizing indoor bouldering for the time being, this site will also cover many other types of climbing as well from sport to trad!

Furthermore, I will also be catering a ton of articles to the short climbers out there. As a 5ft3 climber, I am all too familiar with being forced to break the beta on boulder problems! I have some helpful articles for my fellow shorties out there.

With all that being said, here are some articles I recommend reading next!

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