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Welcome to Climbingfacts, a place that covers everything regarding Rock Climbing, Indoor Climbing, and Bouldering!

This blog serves primarily as a fountain of knowledge for beginner and intermediate climbers. On Climbingfacts you can expect to have your questions answered, learn more about climbing techniques, find training drills, training articles, gear advice, and much much more.

Furthermore, we are committed to helping the absolute beginner get comfortable in this wonderful sport. Our Bouldering section below should answer any questions you may have such as bouldering basics, rules, etiquette, cost, what to wear, and so forth.

On this page, you’ll find a bunch of helpful links to help you find what you’re looking for. You can also use the search bar in case you are looking for something specific.

Recent Posts

How To Rock Over – Climbing Technique 101

Rocking over is a common climbing technique utilized on slabs. Mastery of this move and proper execution will help you advance on slab terrain. 📚 This article is part of a wider guide: Climbing Technique 101 What is the rock over? The “rock over” is a climbing move in which the climber shifts their weight … Read more

How to Deadpoint – Climbing Technique 101

Deadpointing is an advanced climbing technique that every climber should have in their arsenal. Not only will this move make you climb more efficiently, but it will also help you get out of bad positions and vastly increase your reach on the rock. 📚 This article is part of a wider guide: Climbing Technique 101 … Read more

Is it Okay to Only Climb Indoors?

Indoor climbing has seen a massive boom in the last couple of years. Commercial climbing facilities are popping up everywhere and climbing gyms are getting more crowded than ever. The age of old-school climbing gyms designed for off-season training is truly over. Climbing gyms are getting more commercial, and cater more and more to the … Read more

Old School vs Modern Bouldering – How do they Compare?

Modern bouldering halls are packed with climbers these days. Climbing really has seen a massive boom in popularity in the last couple of years. And I believe modern bouldering gyms, have a lot to do with that boom. Classic climbing gyms were often dark, confusing, and intimidating, a stark contrast with the immense bouldering halls … Read more

Which Chalk to Bring Indoor Bouldering

Chalk will help dry out your hands and give you more grip during your climbing session. If you are lucky, your climbing gym might let you rent a chalk bag. However, this isn’t always the case. In many climbing gyms, you have to either bring your own chalk or purchase chalk from them. There are … Read more

New to Bouldering? 7 Tips to Maximize your First Year of Climbing

Our first year of climbing is where we see the most progression and learn tons of new things. This article will help you maximize your first year of climbing through 7 tips that I consider essential for becoming a better climber! This article is mostly tailored towards indoor bouldering (as that is what most beginners … Read more

Yoga for climbers (9 yoga poses that increase flexibility)

Flexibility and climbing go hand in hand. Those who are flexible, have an immediate advantage on vertical terrain. As you may have noticed, professional climbers are very bendy. They can perform moves that some of us can only dream about. And sure, some flexibility comes from spending a lot of time on the wall. But … Read more

How to Use the MoonBoard (Beginners Guide to MoonBoarding)

Standardized training boards are found at most climbing gyms. If you’ve found yourself at a plateau and wish to progress in bouldering, it might be time to start using the MoonBoard. But how do you get started with MoonBoarding? How does it work, how do the lights turn on? How does the app function? This … Read more

When to start MoonBoarding (Beginners Advice for Climbers)

The MoonBoard is a phenomenal training tool used by some of the worlds best climbers. MoonBoards have made their way into many commercial climbing gyms so more and more climbers of all levels are becoming familiar with these magnificient training tools. Is the MoonBoard for you? Is it going to help you surpass your current … Read more

When to Start Hangboarding (Beginners Advice for Climbers)

Popularised by Alex Honnold in the Free Solo movie, and frequently used by crushers on Instagram to flex their power, the hangboard is an effective training tool used by experienced climbers to train their finger and forearm strength. Every climbing gym has hangboards as part of their training area so you might feel like you … Read more