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Welcome to Climbingfacts, a place that covers everything regarding Rock Climbing, Indoor Climbing, and Bouldering!

This blog serves primarily as a fountain of knowledge for beginner and intermediate climbers. On Climbingfacts you can expect to have your questions answered, learn more about climbing techniques, find training drills, training articles, gear advice, and much much more.

Furthermore, we are committed to helping the absolute beginner get comfortable in this wonderful sport. Our Bouldering section below should answer any questions you may have such as bouldering basics, rules, etiquette, cost, what to wear, and so forth.

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choosing a bouldering gym. guide with tips to help you pick the best bouldering facility

How to Choose The Right Bouldering Gym For Your Needs

Are you looking for a bouldering gym where you can start practicing the sport of bouldering? Or maybe you have recently moved, and are looking for a new bouldering facility? Unsure where to get started? We’ve got you! This article will help you pick the best bouldering gym that meets your goals and preferences. 📚 … Read more

Improve Bouldering Technique: Drills for Indoor Climbing

Developing good footwork, body positioning, and efficient movement are essential to becoming a more well-rounded climber. Knowing technique is not enough, technique must be trained. Through regular training drills, technical moves can become muscle memory enabling climbers to gradually progress not only on the subjective grading scale but also as efficient climbers. By incorporating these … Read more

How to Warm Up for Indoor Bouldering

Warmups are essential to your success as a boulderer. Or so you’ve been told at least. Podcasts, youtube videos, and blogs, all mention the importance of a good warmup. Which let you here. But what is a good warmup? And why the heck should you do it? You may have been told that it reduces … Read more

How to Deal with Frustration in Climbing

Very few sports have that constant ability to push oneself as climbing does. There is always a harder route to send, a more difficult boulder problem to crush. Whenever we climb, we are pushing ourselves. We strive to reach the utmost limits of our physical and technical capabilities, continuously exploring ways to enhance and refine … Read more

How to Heel Hook – Climbing Technique 101

One of the more common climbing techniques, the Heel Hook is a basic technique that has many applications on the climbing wall. Mastering this complex move is essential to furthering your climbing technique. 📚 This article is part of a wider guide: Climbing Technique 101 What is A Heel Hook? The Heel Hook is a … Read more

How to Flag – Climbing Technique 101

The Flag is a crucial technique in climbing that can greatly improve a climber’s balance, efficiency, and overall performance. It involves extending one leg out to the side to maintain balance and control while climbing. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced climber, mastering the Flag can help you tackle more challenging routes and reach … Read more

How to Step Through – Climbing Technique 101

The Step Through is a basic, yet crucial footwork technique that every climber should practice in order to make smooth transitions between footholds. Despite its simplicity, the Step Through can be a vital component when combined with other climbing techniques. By mastering this move, climbers can elevate their climbing performance and make fluid, controlled movements … Read more

How to Back Step / Drop Knee – Climbing Technique 101

The Back Step (also known as the Drop Knee) is a foundational climbing move that helps the climber maintain balance and stability on the wall or rock face. By dropping the knee, climbers can keep their center of gravity close to the wall. This technique not only unlocks efficient climbing but also increases the reach … Read more

How to Foot Swap – Climbing Technique 101

The foot swap is a crucial technique for climbers looking to progress in their climbing ability. Whether you are just starting out or are an experienced climber, having a strong understanding of this technique will greatly benefit you on the wall. In this article, we will delve into the fundamentals of foot swapping, including what … Read more

How to Smear – Climbing Technique 101

Smearing is a common climbing technique utilized in both indoor and outdoor rock climbing. Although the move may seem straightforward, it’s not easy to master this fundamental climbing technique. Once mastered, it can significantly enhance a climber’s progression, especially on slab-like surfaces and competition problems. ‘Almost anything can be a foothold, if you believe it … Read more